“Polemos”, by the orchestra Opus 76 of Rouen

I can’t describe the path I’ve been following until now without mentionning the orchestra Opus 76 of Rouen, whose members’ talent and never ending enthusiasm mean so much to me.

During a time of exchange between the University Orchestra of Rennes and Opus 76, both the orchestras joined their forces to perform a movement of my Suite Neverland, “Ronde de la Maison-Arbre”. We were then in the beginning of year 2015. The piece was very well received by our friends from Rouen, and the year after their conductor Tristan Benveniste offered me the opportunity to write a piece for them: this gave birth to a symphonic tale, “Le Petit Poucet”, premiered in June 2016 in Rouen. Both pieces (“Ronde de la Maison-Arbre” and “Le Petit Poucet”) are available on my YouTube channel (https://youtu.be/9Anf141ugkM and https://youtu.be/4fqP5obmFPQ).

Two years later, in 2018, the fantastic musicians of Opus 76 gave me this chance again, this time to premiere a bigger piece that I called “Polemos”. It is a fable for symphony orchestra and narrator, telling the story of a poetic birth of the orchestra. You can watch the video of this creation on my Videos page: http://victorjosse.com/videos/ .

I hope and I’m sure that I will keep working with Tristan and the musicians of Opus 76 for for a long time and that they will always be part of my journey as a composer.

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