Flying Theme – Live recording in Air Lyndhurst Studios, London

True climax of our year in Berklee and highlight of our program, going to London to conduct and record a final symphonic composition was a truly special moment for all of us, as we were standing in this mythical studio before all those musicians and engineers who were some of the best we could meet in the whole world.

I found signifiant for me to compose a piece that would deal with intimately familiar theme and subject. This is why I chose to score a movie script that I wrote out a scene from J. M. Barrie’s Peter Pan, the scene being the one when Peter comes to pick Wendy and her brothers and takes them to Neverland. Being personally fascinated by the story of this child who would never grow up, I’m dreaming of the day when I can score a movie adaptation of this unique novel. A flying scene would be the perfect moment to let a big orchestra sound fully, in a great lyrical momentum.

This piece that we all had to compose was the goal of the whole year. It was the fruit of everything we have learned, notably in our orchestration, conducting or analysis classes.

I’m not sure that I would know how to describe how I felt while I was standing on that podium, in front of this impressive orchestra, and supported by all the teachers and friends who were there. How could I describe the pleasure of conducting those genius musicians who, without any rehearsal and in an 18-minutes slot only, were able to wondrously give life to my composition. Here is some emotion that I would love to feel again. Deep down, I have this certainty: one day, I’ll be back there!

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